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Bulk Image Compressor

Fast batch image compressor

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  2. Compress away!

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Reduce size of images in bulk.

Compress unlimited images online. Your photos are your property and stay on your machine.

How to questions

How to compress images?

  1. Drop as many images or photos in the dropbox.
  2. Click Start Compressing and you have all your images compressed.

How to compress PNG, JPG images?

  1. Bulk compress images of following types: PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP images.
  2. Transparent images will lose transparency. We are working on it.

How to compress multiple images at once?

  1. Image compressor can batch compress multiple images at once
  2. You may drop a massive number of images.
  3. You get compressed images. Very often the size is reduced from MBs to KBs

How to reduce size from MBs to KBs?

  1. Image compressor gives you various options to compress JPGs and PNGs
  2. To compress bulk images, drop all of them in the dropbox.
  3. Select the target size in KBs
  4. Get your new images with your reduced target size.

How to make all images smaller than 512x512?

  1. Bulk Image compressor gives you various options to resize JPGs and PNGs
  2. Drop all the images in the image compressor
  3. Select the max target width and height in pixels. 512, if you want that.
  4. Get your new images all within your range of width and height.

Is this good for photos?

  1. As a photo compressor, this tool is probably the best out there.
  2. Drop all the pictures of your favorite memories.
  3. Compress and see a drastic reduction in size.
  4. If you find a better tool than this, let me know. ;-)

How to do lossless compression?

  1. Bulk Image compressor allows you to control quality of your image
  2. Drop all the images in the image compressor
  3. The algorithm is not lossless but you can select 95%+ quality to get near lossless results

How to optimize Shopify store speed?

Optimizing shopify store speed has many elements. You can minify js and css, enable caching, and use a CDN. One of the easiest and rewarding way to optimize store speed is to reduce the sizes of your images. This tool can help you do that.

How to optimize WooCommerce store speed?

Optimizing WooCommerce or any other online store involves increase the speed of content deliverability. Using CDN, caching, minifying code helps. The strategy that helps the most is to compress the product photos on the store. Product images usually comprise the maximum foot print of the website. Using this tool to reduce sizes of images can help you get better Google PageSpeed Insight results.

Why did I make an image compressor in 2022?

Existing image compressors are ad laden, upload images to server and have limits on number of images that can be compressed. So, I made one for myself. Hope you enjoy it too.